Free and Confidential Women's Center
Loving Choices
Rogers: 479-631-5951
Fayetteville: 479-521-6655
“Thank you so much for being so understanding about my situation!” – Anonymous
“I’ve learned so much about my baby and how to care for her!” – Anonymous
“Thank you for accepting me lost, broken and scared, and leading me to strength, confidence and love.” -Anonymous
“My counselor at Loving Choices met with me each week and helped me to be my best physically and emotionally.” -Anonymous
“Loving Choices means hope, love strength, guidance, and overall acceptance.” -Anonymous
“Thanks for what you do – y’all have taught me so much I didn’t know about babies.” -Anonymous
“I am so thankful to have made the choice to keep my baby and raise her as a single mom.” -Anonymous
“By impacting and changing my life, Loving Choices helped give my baby a safe, loving, and beautiful start to life.” -Anonymous
“It’s been so wonderful to be able to get clothes and other things my baby needs.” -Anonymous
Difficult Roads often
lead to Beautiful Destinations.