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An unplanned pregnancy is stressful. Maybe you have questions or need someone to talk with. Don’t face it alone.

Loving Choices provides free and confidential services to help with pregnancy and other reproductive health issues, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and abortion information.

Pregnancy Testing

If you've taken an at-home pregnancy test, it's still essential to confirm the results with a Loving Choices test. Plus, it's free! Our pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and detect hCG, the pregnancy hormone, early in the first trimester. Please don't waste your money on more pregnancy tests. Come to us first.

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A positive pregnancy test result isn't enough information. Only an ultrasound shows you if you've had a miscarriage or the location of your pregnancy. If your Loving Choices pregnancy test result is positive, we may recommend you have a free ultrasound. We want you to have as much information as possible.

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Abortion Pill Reversal

Have you taken the first drug of the abortion pill and now changed your mind? Don't panic. We can help you with Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). The use of the hormone progesterone is proven safe in reversing the effects of the first abortion drug. Contact us as soon as you can. We'll get you the help you need.

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STD Testing

Passed through any sexual contact, STDs or "sexually transmitted diseases" are either viral or bacterial infections impacting the sexual organs and other body parts. Nearly half of all Americans will contract an STD at some point in their life. If you are at risk, it is crucial to get tested to know you are not infected.

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Mobile Unit

We want to minimize the distance between our services and the women who need us the most, so we decided to go mobile. Our mobile unit (affectionately named “Alexandra”) comes equipped with up-to-date, top-of-the-line equipment to meet your counseling and medical needs for an unplanned pregnancy. We offer free pregnancy testing, free limited ultrasounds and

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