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Considering adoption?

Adoption can be a difficult but very loving decision to make. If you are considering adoption, you will receive in-depth counseling and information about the many kinds of adoption plans available. You also can choose to receive post-adoption counseling to help ease you through the emotional difficulties that may follow.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal transfer of parental rights from biological parents to adoptive parents. It’s not co-parenting. It’s a permanent relationship established by the court system. Adoption gives the child full inheritance rights as if they were born to their adoptive parents.

The Adoption Process

Choosing a reputable adoption agency or specialist is your first step. We are not an adoption agency, but we will help you make an adoption plan should you choose this option. We offer referrals to adoption agencies and private attorneys that we know and trust.

The adoption specialist you choose will want to talk with you about your current situation, reasons for considering adoption, and future goals.

The Birth Mother’s Decision

As the birth mother or birth parents, you decide the type of adoption plan you’re most comfortable with, the environment you want for your child, and who the adoptive family will be.

Choosing the right family can be the most comforting part of the adoption process. You’ll be able to view detailed profiles of potential adoptive families who meet your criteria.

Rest assured, potential adoptive couples go through a tremendous amount of background checks before being eligible to adopt.

Choosing The Plan

There are three different adoption plans.

  • An open adoption plan means you exchange information with one another and build an ongoing relationship together.
  • A closed plan keeps you anonymous. You won’t have further contact after the adoption is finalized.
  • A semi-open plan gives you the ability to have contact and maintain your privacy.

How We Can Help

Loving Choices does not participate in placing infants with adoptive families. But we promise to walk alongside you and give you our support as you make an adoption plan.

The professional adoption agencies and private attorneys we suggest handle the actual placing of babies with adoptive families.

Adoption is a difficult choice, but we desire that everyone who chooses to place their child in a loving home will have a positive experience.

Difficult Roads often
lead to Beautiful Destinations.