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Missing your period can be very upsetting if you are a college or high school student. You are probably thinking, "This wasn't supposed to happen." Few people plan to become pregnant while they are in high school or college. We understand that this may be a scary and uncertain time for you. You are not alone and we can help you with your next steps. Loving Choices is a safe place and we are here for you.

Adoption Planning

Adoption can be difficult, but it is a very loving decision to make. If you are considering adoption, you will receive in-depth counseling and information about the many kinds of adoption plans available. You also can choose to receive post-adoption counseling to help ease you through the emotional difficulties that may follow.

We are not an adoption agency but we will help you make an adoption plan, should you choose this option. We offer referrals to adoption agencies and private attorneys that we know and trust. We are here for you, the birth-mother, and offer planning and support.

Loving Choices does not participate in the actual placing of infants with adoptive families, but will walk alongside of you to make an adoption plan if you so choose. We will be with you during the process and give you our support. We rely on professional adoption agencies and private attorneys for the actual placing of babies with adoptive families. Our desire is that everyone who chooses to place their child in a loving home will have a positive experience.

Care Center

You will love this mentoring program if you choose to parent your child! Our Care Center is our longer-term service where you participate in the Earn While You Learn program, earning "Mommy Bucks" as you go. You can spend your "Mommy Bucks" at our "Mommy Boutique" on items for your pregnancy or for your baby such as baby clothes, diapers, maternity clothes, car seats, strollers and cribs.

The Care Center also facilitates group meetings with other women who are also experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Sharing with others in the same situation is often so helpful and comforting.

Abortion Recovery

Have you had an abortion? Do you feel differently than you thought you might feel after an abortion? How you feel after an abortion should not be treated like a "political" or a "religious" issue perhaps making you feel judged or miserable. We want to address you as a whole person with a unique set of experiences and a very individual response to your past abortion(s).

Often women may feel a very strong sense of relief following the abortion knowing that the pregnancy is over. However, sometimes a woman experiences confusing thoughts and emotions after that sense of relief and sometimes it can take 5, 10, or even 20 years to come to the surface. We offer a CONFIDENTIAL ABORTION RECOVERY program where we walk alongside you through healing.